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Narborough & Littlethorpe Heritage Society

A successful open meeting to gauge interest in forming a Society was held at Narborough Parish Centre on 12th July 2011. There was an encouraging level of attendance, with 25 members of the public being present, and a number of others forwarding their apologies. There was a wide-ranging discussion covering possible areas of operation, available funding sources and the creation of a web-site. It was agreed that there was a need for, and support for, the formation of such a society in the Parish. It was decided that the operating name would be “The Narborough & Littlethorpe Heritage Society”.

Trevor Matthews, representing the Parish Council, confirmed that for a period of 12 to 18 months assistance with the use of rooms and facilities would be provided to allow the Society to establish a viable financial basis.

It was agreed that a Steering Group should be set-up to carry out the groundwork necessary for the Society’s operation. The Steering Group had the first of its monthly meetings in August, and work is underway on producing a constitution, opening a bank account and trying to organise a programme of activities for 2012. For the purposes of the steering phase, Trevor Matthews will act as Chair, Penny Immins as Secretary and Derek Ross as Treasurer. If you are in a position to provide a talk on a history/heritage theme we would be very keen to have an opportunity to include that in our planning of the programme.

This website is currently a work in progress, but hopefully in time will become a valuable source of information concerning the area’s heritage. The intention is also to open the website up for the communities use in other areas.

The Steering Group would be very pleased to hear from anyone with photographs, postcards, items or information (ancient or modern) regarding the Parish. We intend to build up an archive of information, and would very much like as much help as possible in achieving this. (We would scan, copy or photograph the items, so we aren’t asking that you donate them to the Society.) Penny Immins has got agreement from the Leicestershire Libraries Service that material can be held at Narborough Library, where it can be made generally available. It would also be helpful to have the material to improve the information on the web-site.

For further information, offers of assistance or if you have got material to share with us, please contact us via the email below.